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12-23-2010, 05:34 PM
Now that we got the Orion, Gorn and unbelievable pricey Nausicaan Ship for Endgame Levels,

are there any plans to go back to the initial request from the Community to add the allready existing PvE Orion, Gorn and Nausicaan Ships, (at least as Skins) for the lower Tiers of the KDF line of Ships to fluff out the boring lower Tiers?

Without any touching up, without any C-Store pirectags attached to it, without any additional Skillboxes or special abilities, simple Copy & Paste job's to flesh out the KDF Shiptiers as an easy short term fix, to make the long boring grindy way up to endgame more enjoyable?

I realy just want to play an Orion Commander who fly's Orion Ships and works for the Klingon's but isn't part of the Klingon Military.

(would a Klingon Emperor realy give Warships to Orion and Gorn Commanders? The Klingons would annex the Gorn and Orion Fleets, maybe use their Soldiers as lowly workers on their own Ships, but Command?
That honour is for 100% loyal Klingon Warriors only!)