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12-23-2010, 06:54 PM
What ideas for additional uniforms/costumes do you have for the future? Is craftable clothing or stat'd clothing a possibility?

Any plans to let us place KDF exchange officers in Federation outfits (not just the convert-to-captain ones, but kept as bridge officers)?

What else is planned for crafting in the future? Additional craftable items, new particles, etc.?

If the game goes F2P eventually, do you think the referral program would still be used, or would it be shut down? Any changes to it you see if the game goes F2P?

Can you give us some specifics as to where you want to take the game in Season 4 (even if just some ideas)?

More titles and accolades please. We want the "Doctor" title, not just medic.

Many have requested player-chooseable transporter effects. See - is this something you'll consider?

Many of us are looking forward to playable holograms, androids, etc. What other playable species are being considered for the future at this point?

Is more fleet and personal bank space being planned?

What further plans are there for expanding ship interiors and making them interactable (bridge controsl, etc.)?

Will more of the pre-order bonus items be heading to the C-Store? (Rifle, dish, etc.)

I know some of this has had dev posts, but a lot of players don't see those and do read Ask Cryptic, and we could always use an update or more specifics.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the STO team for all their hard work. We do appreciate it.