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12-23-2010, 09:21 PM
there was mention of weapon range variances on space combat not being relevant (mostly because space combat is good). In a way i agree and i disagree. Even though something is good, i believe there is always room for improvement. that said,
1. i would not mind weapon range variances.
2. another thing i would like to see in space is spacial objects having more use. some examples would be asteroids could provide better (since they do to an extent already) cover. maybe a small moon has properties that hides your ship from enemy sensors, or a nebula that disables or slows your engines. maybe you can hide in a comets trail and sneak up on someone (once object movement and orbits become a feature-which will become an issue sometime). obviously you would not want extremes for balance issues. but it is doable, as long as there are counters and opposites to each feature. for example, there is a nebula that intermittently interferes with shields, and there is another that provides a regenerative boost as well.

also it was mentioned that there is interest in adding new alien ships in order to eliminate the tedius feel of battling and encountering the same thing over and over. one thing i would like to see is a "database/roster" system for known aliens and ships that tracks basic situational variables
-have we encountered this alien/ship previously?
-was it hostile before? was it friendly?
-could we scan it? and what was its threat value?
-where did our ship encounter it before?
(it would probably be best to limit it to each character simply because if it was a widespread database, it would probably be difficult to establish for each character, it would be confusing and probably provide a shaky foundation in general)
so when a player (as an individual) goes out exploring, they would get the "our database shows no record of this ship configuration. scanners cannot penetrate. I recommend caution." or "This matches the configuration of a ship we encountered in the mempa system. their weapons were too powerful. recommend retreat."