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12-24-2010, 03:11 AM
Pretty easy: don't pull more than you can handle.

If you have problems with this, there's a few things you can do:

1. You can stop your BOffs from running around starting fights by using the go stand here command thing. Park 'em around a corner, now invite some Borg around that corner.

2. You can set your BOffs to passive, then use "attack my target" or its keyboard shortcut of 'y' to get them to kill your target.

3. You can right click their powers to stop them from using it. This can be used to stop your engineer from using summoning drone or phaser turret, if that is what is causing you aggro problems.

4. You can better control what you shoot at, so you aggro less stuff.

5. Learn to pull better. Most extra aggro can be avoided by knowing which group to aggro next. If a particular group is likely to aggro, maybe it should be the one you attack next.

6. Learn to be able to handle more. A better mix of BOff powers. A better choice of weapons for you (split beams, sniper rifles on normal difficulty solo content are for sissies!) and your BOffs (expose, expose, expose, and maybe expose, ideally all AoE). Kiting the Borg around as opposed to standing next to them. Using at least 2 engineer BOffs each of which has at least 2 phaser turret powers, to spread out aggro more, plus increase firepower, is a pretty easy way to go. Ideally, give them Recharge Shield I ( Shield Recharge I?) as well. Have your BOffs assist you to quickly drop drone after drone and then go for the elite tactical last. And again with the kiting, so your BOffs and turrets are attacking the borg from behind, go go flanking bonus. And so on.

Anyway, that mission is pretty easy, though it can be a bit tedious due to the quantity of borg.