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12-24-2010, 04:42 AM
Originally Posted by Hawks View Post
Indeed , but the sales IMO were quite hig when I remeber the early days after the ships was put up.
true hawks, many people bought it, they expected it to be a game changing ship and were greatly disappointed it wasnt. I purchased it tested it and liked the fact it was not over powered, it was a different kind of ship for sure, and you have to fly and fight with it, very differently then you normally do any other cruiser. It added to my enjoyment and was a lot of fun.

But this destroyer? now this is a horse of a diff color. Sure others will whine, complain cry foul, etc. Listen folks, If I ever got that upset over a game I would have it deleted so fast off my computer it make the manufacturers head spin. That kind of silliness just is not worth it. Far, far to many other games out there to enjoy without aggrovation.

That being said, I tested and flew the Destroyer on the test servers. Whoa.... now THIS is a ship. It can move, I was running 42.8K hull hp's, 10.8ishK shields and this little beastie in normal mode was a pretty viscous escort, and it had HP'S! WOOHOOO. ITs gimmick weapon, the disruptor lance, holy crap... now why cant the Gx phaser lance hit like this rascal? 11.7K base damage, I nearly one shotted a borg cube equal level to me in a STF with it, blew his shield facing down AND ripped his health down to 32% on a crit. I sat there blinking at the screen in disbelief and said.... "Oh yeah! my Gx never could do that, WHOS NEXT!!!!" and had sooo much fun flying this little monstrosity.

so will I ever purchase this for the 2k points. Unlike the Gx, yeah this little rat might just be worth it. You have to fly it way differently then you do a normal escort, and your attack strategy. Like the Gx, which you have to treat a bit like a big escort to make it work well, hit and run tactics. It can be used but it is something you have to master. This ship is no different. It is a ship that folks will have to master.

Now, the issue of it being unfair? looking around team, don't think any of us got invited to the CEO board meeting, sooooo that should explain a few things. Face it, they are a company to make money, period. WE are the folks who are buyin their product. Is it fair that this is a Cstore only ship? Well that is personal opinion. But lets not our own opinions degrade into personal attacks and let our typed words match the iq of our shoe size either.

While I would say even Dstahl would of like to done something one way, He too has a boss to report to and can get overruled, if he likes it or not. So lets cut everyone including each other some slack and breath folks.