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12-24-2010, 06:19 AM
Hey guys, I am a self appointed Foundry mission writer.

I want to gauge some Klingon interest in UGC...

Keeping in mind, Foundry as it is is still very limited and missing alot of features, and still with the end product it is not an internal development tool and there's just some stuff you might see in Cryptic missions that you wont ever get in UGC.

With that in mind, I see good dedicated UGC scripters as a way to bridge the gap for your content, since it is so sparse. I know ST lore back to front even though I have not written from the perspective of a Klingon.

A couple things I'll want are klingon honor guards to critique certain things

Also you have to remember, the Klingons are an advanced race with advanced technology especially weapons, they don't just walk around all day spilling blood and insults, they do it half the day

They build, they invent, they research just like any other race. Leave a message here or PM me with your interest, especially if you want to be a tester for a Klingon 5 episode series.

I will develop it for holodeck, and do the first mission for tribble before Foundry goes live, to show you my style.

Also to get an idea for my style, you can play a Federation mission I made called "The Siege" there are too missions of the same name, obviously mine is the one by Cruis.In