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12-24-2010, 09:37 AM
This right here is where the problem stems from

Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
This has been heard loud and clear and Jack and I have been in some discussions this week where we continue to work on the deal that items in the C-Store need to be available for in game currency. (he and I both agree about big functional items being available for some type of in-game exchange)

The Excelsior was a half-step and now we need to put both feet in. I'm hoping the Nebula can be in game as well as in store. The in game way to get it might not be cake - but at least it will be something.
But, even if the above ended up being unrealistic, things could have probably happened with less anger and rage on the forum (mind you there will always be some) if this discussion had happened before the day the ship was released. Nothing was ever said that made it clear this ship would be C-store only. After the Excelsior we were led to believe these kinds of things wouldn't happen again, now they did and they did without a dialogue.

You can argue that they don't "owe" us a dialogue, but that mentality is short sighted. If they want anyone to actually continue giving them money they are going to have to considering things like this as bad for business. There is a reason Cryptic has gotten a bad name on sites like MMORPG. I was once an ardent defender of them back in the days of the CO lifetime sub offer fiasco, but after so many of these same "mistakes" I can't defend their behavior.