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12-24-2010, 04:15 PM
Firstly, thank you for doing your job this good.

- Will Cryptic continue to support the "no forced Grouping" style in STO (i hope you will)?
(if not, see my last question)

- Are we ever going to get additional excelsior (T5) costumes (something like a modernised Four-nacelled study model I or II)?

- Are we ever going to see newer Starfleet ships instead of digging out old ones, something that looks like Star cruisers? (someone told me that STO takes place in the 25th century.)

- Are we ever going to get the never realised Star Trek: Generations uniform?

- Will we ever get the option to reduce the shinigness of Cryptics uniforms (Starfleet) so they don't have this "synthetic" look.

- How exactly do you plan to revamp the exploration system?

- Will we ever get the option to give our crew specific uniforms, divded into depatments (like operations, security, science, command)?

- Will we ever get more Parts to Kitbash our ships (something good looking for a change)?

- In the far future, will it ever be possible to colorize our LCARS (like making it green or yellow)?

- Are we going to see Minigames in our Ships interior, to give us something to do there?

- Will we ever see a neutral faction in the game?

- Does Cryptic plan to revamp/balance Ships so PvP will be more trekkish and not like WWII dogfights? (I know there would be much more players in PvP if it would be "fairer" or trekkier)

- Do you have any plans to release a singleplayer, offline version of this game in the far distant future?

- Since you are STO's "Q's", please stop people using the word "toon" for their characters.

Thank you for reading.