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12-25-2010, 10:20 AM
Originally Posted by NuclearDude View Post
Hello all. I have just gotten off another failure of an attempt at Infected. I am up to Deeper into the Mystery. I was with five. Two quit, so I went to have two more again. I did. We tried to do the upload virus for two hours. Finally we got to the Boss (who's graphic is bugged btw). She just one shotted us all. Then we had to do the virus upload ALL OVER AGAIN. At that point people just rage quitted.

Please Cryptic, you really need to rework your idea of 'fun'.

So I (and others) ask PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it easier. Maybe make there some way to get out of the plasma without having to restart. And at least PLEASE make a checkpoint for when you kill the Borg Generator.

Thank you.
Actually you all 1 shotted youselves by not blocking line of sight from the person who has the giant blue cirlce of death around them. Try utilizing the 4 alcoves on the platform with the 2 drones in it to break line of sight and defeat this attack. Just crouch and back into them and leave your healer on the outside of either end. You can shoot the generator and her just fine from here. By doing a little research you can save yourself a lot of frustration. A lot of people have take the time to upload videos and strategies on how to beat this encounter. Remember.. knowing is half the battle.