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12-25-2010, 10:31 AM
Originally Posted by Matunus
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This has been heard loud and clear and Jack and I have been in some discussions this week where we continue to work on the deal that items in the C-Store need to be available for in game currency. (he and I both agree about big functional items being available for some type of in-game exchange)

The Excelsior was a half-step and now we need to put both feet in. I'm hoping the Nebula can be in game as well as in store. The in game way to get it might not be cake - but at least it will be something.
This whole post you keep posting is not a promise the stuff in red means they are hopeful and talking about it. not a definite yes that will happen.

I know you are all upset over this but if you look at both sides of this they did say this was going in the c-store, and you cant charge 2000 for one ship with like powers and not that for another one with the same powers.
Also if you relay want to compare the 2 ships Gal-X and this one this one blows that Gal out of the water.
You don't seem to really understand the problem here. It is not that this ship is in the C-store or really even the price. The problem is the failure to communicate that this was going to be a C-store only ship. It is what upset people about the Excelsior and prompted the comments made by Dstahl above. It should have been a no brainer to let everyone know that it was going to be C-store only once that decision had been made, not the date the ship released. Once again we are lead to believe one thing during the process then faced with a completely different reality after the fact.

As for comparing the Gal X and the Guramba, you clearly didn't test this ship. The two ships cannot be compared, even the way their "death rays" work is different.