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12-25-2010, 11:06 AM
Originally Posted by Varrangian View Post
You don't seem to really understand the problem here. It is not that this ship is in the C-store or really even the price. The problem is the failure to communicate that this was going to be a C-store only ship. It is what upset people about the Excelsior and prompted the comments made by Dstahl above. It should have been a no brainer to let everyone know that it was going to be C-store only once that decision had been made, not the date the ship released. Once again we are lead to believe one thing during the process then faced with a completely different reality after the fact.

As for comparing the Gal X and the Guramba, you clearly didn't test this ship. The two ships cannot be compared, even the way their "death rays" work is different.
And what if the decision was final say 24 hours before (and the fact DStahl's been out sick the last week.) Yes, the DEvs DO communicate a lot (and I think many of us do appreciate that), but:

1) That may not always be possible.

2) The Upper suits see that players want 'pairity' between the factions - so they think: "Hey, the Feds have a $25.00 ship in the C-Store with a similar weapon (Phaser Lance); so here's the KDF faction version.

3) The BEST way to make you voice heard is vote with your wallet and not purchase the item (or if you're so completely outraged, un-subscribe).

And I'm not saying that I want the game to fail because I posted #3 above; I really do like the game, and want it to succeed (as evidenced by the fact I have an LTS) - that said; #3 is usually the ONLY 'bottom line' communication that a customer can make that the upper suits pay any attention to. Raging on te forum does very little as I think (if you spoke to the memebers of the Dev team and Dstahl personally; they would AGREE that items like ships should be attainable by in game means as well; but in the end the final decision as to what item goes where, and hell, even the cost is not their decision - they can lobby for things, but in the end - marketing and the guys who control the books and the game budget have the final say.)