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12-25-2010, 11:32 AM
When you can get the option to upload the virus, two people jump away from platform and there is only one person left on the platform to upload it, you will get the bug.

So if you get the option, always let 2 people upload the virus. Or one person upload it and another person wait on platform till it is uploaded.

Originally Posted by Azurian
But I noticed three changes. While doing Infected just a few minutes ago, we clear a platform borg respawned on us after just clearing them prior to doing the consoles.

Second, the consoles no longer gave sound effects.

And third, they putting in a new group in today's patch to prevent people running. (which really didn't stop people from doing it).
Did the mission few hours ago, I did not experienced any of this.

Oh did Infected on KDF side, and yes, the consoles didnt gave sound effects, lol