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12-25-2010, 12:40 PM
As a recently returned player I've had to do a lot of learning in a short space of time but just a few things I've learnt.

Understand what your role is in a team and spec accordingly. Heals are a massive help and there's a multitude to pick from but you need to be aware of shared timers and their cooldowns.

What has worked for me and what I learnt off Latinumbar is Science or Engineering Team 1, Aux2SIF, EptS, Transfer Shield Strength, Hazard Emitters

Try and stick to one type of weapon as you can suffer a small penalty for mixing and matching. There's a ton of info on the forums about what the various torpedo's and beam/canon types do. I have been sticking with Phaser and Quantums and worked well for me. I'm debating about switching Phasers to Anti Protons lately though.

Read up via your skill sheet and the info on the forums as to what BO specials do and what equipment/consoles etc help.

Tailor your equipment to your skill sheet and team role i.e. DPS, tank support.

One piece of advice is a lot of it is trial and error. I've changed my BO skills so many times now and I'm at a point where the extra BO's are now being trained up as alternatives depending on if I need to swap for a different situation. i.e. science based heals versus damage dealing specials.

Also learn where the best kit is and although I haven't yet, I understand the value of testing out on the test server before buying and spending hard earned medals, emblems and marks...

Hope that helps.