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12-25-2010, 08:42 PM
Originally Posted by Valias

I like that idea. Certainly has potential!

Swap half the roaming Gorn for Starfleet and let them also engage each other, eliminating both NPCs and spawning a battle that both factions can join but has separate PvE instances for each.

Klingons should totally get the title "Pi Canis Aggressor" though. :p
My thought was that within the same instance, there would be some Fed ships and some Gorn/Klingon ships. The NPCs may or may not fight each other. If there are Fed and Klingon Faction players in the same instance, they could engage and fight other players similar to a Space War mission. That way players could potentialy fight the other facton's captains without entering a PvP map. It would also allow several low level players a chance to face off against a single high level player if they so choose.