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12-25-2010, 09:44 PM
There's no definitions like that in real lore and you're generalizing.

The Defiant was described in canon and an Escort. All that means is that it was the only Fed ship that focused almost entirely on battle at the time. It had insane firepower (we don't know what it had more than a Sovereign and it probably didn't). It was not the fastest ship or near it. It's maximum warp was pretty low. It had very maneuverable and fast thrusters and impulse engines though.

As for the Prometheus. It's not really an Escort outside of STO. It's a bit more combat centric but has a ton of other stuff too. If I had to use the non-canon definitions of "Escort, Science and Cruiser" ships I'd say it would be closer to an Escort Cruiser.

But yeah, I think Escorts in STO could be represented better. Specifically the fact that there's no real importance of maneuverability (which was KEY for the Defiant) aside from shield facings. You can't maneuver to dodge attacks or anything. Every ship has basically the same chance to evade damage.

But on the other side Cruisers aren't represented at 100%. I mean what Galaxy-class couldn't pull off the top level Beam Overload? Realistically the biggest and best Cruisers were the TOP ships in lore and couldn't be matched by anything that you called a "Science ship" or "Escort". There simply weren't any combat capable ships that could match the flagship cruisers in Starfleet. However, us being all Cruisers as lore would suggest (for balance) would be BORING and Cryptic did a good thing here.