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# 1 Designs(my mission)
12-26-2010, 06:52 AM
So this has been at the almost complete stage for about a week and a half now, with me only really needing to make minor adjustments, but my first foundry mission is up and running with guns blazing.

The Klingons have launched an all- out assault against a Rogue planet hidden from Federation sensors nearby the wolf 359 system. Your mission is primarily to defend this Federation Research facility from the Klingon Assault force and then secondly to investigate this “facility”
without spoiling anything, I will start off by saying this: while this mission is on tribble, none of the dialog should really be considered final, since I was unable to put my intended dialog on due to missing features, such as pop- up bubbles in reaction to a console interaction(no bridge officer or costumes telling you whats in the bubble), the foundry is linear, and a few other missing things. The dialog on the mission is there as a temporary filler, and is there to deliver the plot of the mission. This is also the first of a 4 part story arc.

I am always ready to make any necessary adjustments you guys may find, and deliver the update within the day. So just keep an eye out on either the wiki page or even this thread for updates.

Be warned, this mission is a little longer than the usual missions(will change when more features get added to foundry), is designed to be hard(so either get a team or beam fire at will/cannon scatter volley), and I would avoid playing on elite unless you have a team or have skill points put into ground effectiveness.

chapter 2 is on the way, though I am in the process of finalizing the scripting and map designs, so its not nearly ready to make the leap onto foundry just yet.