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12-26-2010, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by USSZenica
OK, I think cryptic needs to watch a bit more Trek before writing such an obvious dig line into their scripts.
I was on a "First Contact" mission where the Ambassador asked me about the Prime Directive and how it
applies to prewarp cultures, I don't recall the exact verbiage but the jist of it was does the federation observe prewarp cultures. Their were three answer options, one of which was the federation doesn't do it, the second was they use holotechnology and the third was holotechnology with something else, I can't recall exacly what but suffice it to say that none of these answers was entirely correct.

There was a TNG episode, ironically by the title of "First Contact" where riker was injured while on a mission altered to look like the indigenous population of a prewarp society for the purpose of studying them
and to learn how they would react to a first contact.

I chose the third answer since neither of the first two fit at all and yet I still got it wrong as denoted by the
Ambassador rudly telling/asking me "Am I sure about that?"

Really cryptic? watch a few episodes would ya? heck, you can stream them online from this web site:

Hope this helps you write accurate scripts.

Pre-warp observation is covered in the episode "Who Watches The Watchers", about the Mintakans. 3rd season if I remember correctly.

THAT'S the one being referred to. Holotechnology is the right answer.