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12-26-2010, 01:48 PM
Originally Posted by TheFreyMan View Post
lol well said! I hate it sometimes when I'm trying to slot them.

Perhaps another good suggestion would be when you are promoted, and earn a new power / ability due to the new rank, it be displayed in the chat section?

"You have been promoted to Read Admiral!
You have learned a new ability - quantum slipstream"


That too! I've actually missed some powers by not noticing them! Also....

The other day when I was reconfiging my ship for a different mission I was thinking...."sure wish there was a ship config save feature" Would be awesome to be able to click a button and presto... full phaser boat config, or hmmm...going into borg space "CLICK" presto chango! Ship is now configed for borg blasting! Ya know, would really make things so much easier! DO YA HEAR ME CRYPTIC!?