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I am really ticked off, this patrol shouldn't be like fighting in an STF...... It's titled "Facility UY-184"

Even with using security team I get outnumbered 2 to 1 on the last group.... they spam knock back and it's darn near impossible... I gave up after about 5 or 6 go's at the last group. They just absolutely mop the floor with me. I am using top tier mostly purple with some blue weapons and armor crafted just recently with the crafting updates. I also built the away team specifically for ground combat following guidelines from two STOKED episodes, the one about "the perfect away team" and the other that has the "mathed" segment about ranged weapons. The team is pretty stout and I could handle just about anything... rather too easily up until this one.

This one needs to get nuked or tweaked. It's not fun and I know it's not right. If the map/mobs were right, I would "almost" win and I would be wanting to go back for some more until I figured it out and beat the mission. This is not almost winning, it's getting decimated.