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12-26-2010, 07:59 PM
So all those abbreviations mean ??
DHC = Dual Heavy Cannon
DC = Dual Cannon
DBB = Dual Beam Bank

PH = Polarize Hull
TSS = Transfer Shield Strength
PSW = Photonic Shockwave
CPB = Charged Particle Burst
Scramble = Scramble Sensors
BO = Beam Overload
CRF = Cannon: Rapid Fire
Beta = Attack Pattern Beta (usually APB)
Eng = Engineering Team (usually ET)
EPTS = Emergency Power to Shields
Hazard = Hazard Emitters (usually HE)
TT = Tactical Team
BTssX = Beam Target X Subsystems, where X is aux, shields, weapons, or engines.
Aux2SIF = Auxiliary Power to Structural Integrity Field
Aux2Damp = Auxiliary Power to Dampening Field (think that's the name)