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Axterix did the abbreviations, so I'll get the rest. (With the note that 'Aux2Damp = Auxiliary Power to Dampening Field (think that's the name) ', it's actually Auxiliary Power to Inertial Dampeners, but close enough)
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I am planning on going back to a BoP, do we still need to pvp almost all of ouor leveling (I dont mind pvp but sometimes wanna just mindless kill crap pve....

Any other general advice ?
There have been some missions added. There's like 3-4 quest chains that are in the game for KDF only that are made up of a like a half dozen missions each, maybe a little less. They start available at different tiers so you cannot do them all upon getting back. The first mission of the first quest chain is called "Bringing Down the House" if I remember right, and actually takes place on the surface of Qo'noS out in some farmland I think.

There have also been the Breen/Deferi and Devidian episodes added which add some very cool PvE missions and some unique quest rewards.

And you probably already know but the Nebula's and stuff in the Omega Leonis sector block, and around the edges, allow for some moderately varied (but still randomly generated so it is a little limited) PvE content. One of the complaints I've remembered being around ever since Beta was that in the KDF exploration missions sometimes the mission would put you on a planet and have you destroy X of something, like a crashed probe. Well on the Fed versions of the missions they had to interact with the object, we have to destroy. But pressing V which lets you scan shows you where the nearest intractable object is, so the Feds could find their mission objectives easily while KDF were pulling out their hair trying to find the destructibles to shoot. It's since been changed that the destructibles show up now when pressing V.