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12-26-2010, 10:57 PM
Originally Posted by USSZenica
Correct, effort without result is not a complete passing grade.

It wasn't in high school, it wasn't in college or grad school and it isn't in the work place.
For us this is a game but it is their workplace which makes us, their client and as a client, I prefer not to accept mediocre stories and mini plots rife with errors.

It is of course your choice to accept it and be thankful while it is my choice to suggest they can and
should do better.
Hi. If you'd like to save some time, you can skip down to the green text.

I'd like to suggest that maybe you should take a deep breath, relax, and just realize that you were wrong. Wrong for any of the rational reasons others have pointed out.

You assumed your answer was correct based off of one episode. Someone suggested you picked a bad episode to base your assumptiom off of and gave a very good explanation as to why your assumption was incorrect. Take it to heart and move on.

Someone also pointed out that the episodes themselves were rife with continuity errors and filled with contradictions. If the actual authors of the official canon material couldn't keep it straight, why should you hold people who write mission scripts for a video game based on someone else's original material to a higher standard? I wouldn't think it falls on the shoulders of Cryptic employee Mission-Script-Monkey Smith to guess which contradiction is the correct one. They just pick one of the options and move forward.

Or, in a short summary: Its a video game, not the answer that just cost you $50,000 on Final Jeopardy. Lighten up, Francis.