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I have completed the entire first mission story arc as i posted before, but 100% done now.

Starcrossed episode 1: Time shift
episode 2 Necessary Evil
episode 3 Needs of the many voices

I have begun work on my first KDF mission here is the description.

" All To Human"

It begins when your warship has attacked and successfully boarded the Federation starship U.S.S. Pandora, a classified test ship, Nebula class. Your orders-Capture the Captain and her department heads alive, and capture and hold the ship intact. But in the middle of fierce boarding action battle, an unforeseen third faction assaults both ships and boards the Pandora as well.

The crew of the Pandora from my Fed arc return it takes place "after" the Starcrossed arc. The title is based on a story in greek mythology pertaining to why zeus allowed "Hope" to escape Pandora's box. It sounds like an odd title for a Klingon mission, but it will make sense.

I also began setting up to do a short comedic mission "Holo-Day on Risa" the mission has been discussed long ago, involving rogue Holo Leeta terrorist leading rogue photonics to take over Risa, she says "Dabo" whenever the psychopathic hologram kills a hostage. A sequal is planned where Psycho Holo Leeta returns having posed as a deity on a native culture planet and the Dabo table being worshipped as a religious artifact and symbol. (the natives chant "Dabo" often). That one is untitled thus far.