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12-27-2010, 12:39 AM
Originally Posted by PrincessKatrina View Post
There have been some missions added. There's like 3-4 quest chains that are in the game for KDF only that are made up of a like a half dozen missions each, maybe a little less. They start available at different tiers so you cannot do them all upon getting back. The first mission of the first quest chain is called "Bringing Down the House" if I remember right, and actually takes place on the surface of Qo'noS out in some farmland I think.
Most of those are made up of 2-3 missions each, actually. Bringing Down the House, for example, is two missions., The farmland/chase the assassin/tournament part and the investigation/revenge. But most of them are nice and long missions, often taking place over multiple maps, so it feels like there are more, as shown by the /'s in the missions bit.

These missions are also nice as they give Klingons access to the rare rewards that only the Feds used to have. Things like the Efficient mk IV engines, with their +5 to all power levels. And there's also a very nice purple scaling bat'leth.

There have also been the Breen/Deferi and Devidian episodes added which add some very cool PvE missions and some unique quest rewards.
To expand on this a bit more...

The Breen/Deferi mission additional also added some dailies. There's 5 Breen/Deferi dailies, once you unlock them by getting far enough into the story, though one is dependent upon getting a particular map as part of one of the other ones. There's 3 dailies in the same zone as the devidian episodes, plus a fourth "daily" that you can do whenever you get 10 computer core fragments as drops from one of those dailies.

And there's the Sortie Alpha and Beta now as well, plus a daily tied to them.

Lastly, you can now visit your ready room (by going to your ship's bridge) and replay missions you've played before. So you can run the story missions more than once. For the ones that can be run at any level (like the Breen and Devidian story lines), this provides something else to run for xp as well as loot appropriate for your current level. The first mission in the devidian line, for example, rewards a Covariant shield with 2x cap. If you do the mission at level 15, it is a Mk IV. Do it at 21 through 30 and you get a Mk VI, and so on.

The fact that you can get items multiple times, like multiple suits of armor, means you might want to rerun certain missions within the same level range so you can gear up your BOffs. And when you hit a new tier, run it again to upgrade your ship's shields...and all your BOffs again.

Overall, there still isn't enough Klingon content yet, not nearly what Feds have. But there's considerably more possibilities for mindless pve...and the new stuff is more rewarding.