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12-27-2010, 02:31 AM
Originally Posted by Wild-Fox
Escort Series: Intrepid sized ship with more firepower than a sovereign. 18 or more phaser banks. 5 torpedo launchers. Fastest ships in the fleet. Better than average armor. Top of the line shields. Prometheus took out a Romulan cruiser in 1 or 2 shots completely destroying it in less than a couple of seconds.
Escort STO: Fewer Slots, slower...
I do believe sir/mam, that there's you're problem. Try running high power engines. Dont treat it like any slow cruiser, use it for hit and run attacks.

I've been nailed many times in my cruiser by a very well captained fleet escort multiple times because of the fact that he could go in and out of my fire range and decide when to strike. In a 1on1 engagement it would have been even, but in the team-vs-team PvP setup that is common in STO, he's like the vulture waiting for the prey to weaken before he swoops down to stab with his talons and feast...