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12-27-2010, 05:17 AM
Originally Posted by Wild-Fox
MVA is multi vector assault mode. your ship spilts in 3 and attacks with more firepower because of showing previously hidden weapons.
Which, for the record, is agonizingly STUPID both in TV and in a videogame.

This isn't a setting or game with heavily directional defenses. Shoot a ship from three sides and its the same amount of damage being spread more thinly and becomes easier to manage for the target, not harder.

...And what is the point of HIDING weapons? You either have the engine power to fire them, or you don't. You don't magically gain firepower from spliting up. They could have put all those weapons were they were exposed on the hull in the first place and the ship would have been MORE dangerous by the standards of the setting (and in-game).

It was a lame gimic in show and it's about as functional in the game. Its cool sounding, but then so are the Power Rangers until you stop and think about it for 1 second.