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12-27-2010, 06:32 AM
*Inside "The Little Italy" Bar, with a 'closed' sign, Harry Manchino and Luca Ferrero are sitting and talking at the bar, along with a few henchmen*
Joe, what's up? I ain't seen you so sad since that broad you were screwing died in a car crash.
Ahh, it's nothing fellas. I just feel so **** these past few days. ACHOO!
Geesh. Go to the doctor, or at least do a few less hours. I don't want no cold at this time of year!
So, fellas, what's the plans for the next few days?

*Ms Francessca appears from nowhere, in a bright red dress*
Fellas, please. All eyes on me. And no, not my chest.

*her driver growls at the men, then clears his throat*
The raid against the Adellionis was ****poor.
Gentlemen, I haven't seen such ramshackle operations since Dr Meriden was 'hired' at the hospital. For now, we're playing it cool.

Harry, you're taking Ms Francesca to the Opera tonight, no choices, no questions.
Hey Harry, you didn't tell us you two were an item!
We're not. However, a young single woman at the Opera is unusual. Harry here is still fairly unknown to the Adellionis family, as am I. We have suspicion to believe some of their Capo's are there tonight seeing the same production as us.