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# 1 need carriers on federation
12-27-2010, 07:43 AM
ehm to our dear cryptic i know you are not whant to do this but give the federation som *God Dam carriers the pvp fights are very much un.balancet with carriers on kilngon side i know they have 4 types of ships that can launch ships and fighter of som sort id say that is very much not good for game play in pvp hey it 30 years after nemeise gota say that federation have gotten som carriers in that time but no no no we dont whant to give federation carriers no no wake up cryptic im begining to see alot of mmo where this type of stuffe happens, it begining to sad to see how the game devopler dont see thous problems,

so this is a wake-up call to cryptic you ever played a pvp fight againsdt som of the players to see how much over power the klingon are on as general classes, all you do is make new stuff not see the bad balance.

with regard and angry player