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12-27-2010, 07:52 AM
*Meanwhile, at the Bar on Southside*

[stuff said by all chars., such as laughter, in white, so for this entry, this color is for Paul]

"Haha!! And then, when the destroyer shot the ship, aw, man! You shoulda seen the look on the truck driver's face!"


"Man, that's funny! Oh, remember that time, back when me and Lucas here got sent to Yonkers for an op? We screwed it up real bad, but it was hilarius!""


"Anyway, Raul, congradulations on becoming a Capo. You've truely proven yourself, and it'll be good to have ya."

"Hey, thanks man."

"And you, too, Paul. You aren't good enough to be a Capo yet, but you're still very good at what you do."


*At this point, a man walks up to Ceshmia, whispers in his ear, and Ceshmia pays him*

"It always helps to have friends in high places. That was the mayor just now, actually. Says that some of the Brazinilis who made it off the boat haven't gone home yet. They're at the opera house, and any major operation there will discredit us. So no opera tonight, boys. On the bright side..."

*Ceshmia turns to face the barman*

"Barman! Another round, on me."

*The barman nods and brings the drinks, and the Don eventually arrives and joins them. As the night drags on, the Andellioni's have one last toast to a new year, then head back to the compound. Most sleep souldly, but still the Don is awake long into the night, thinking of how to stop the impending mob war. He eventually dozes off, and for that, his conscience was lucky- for just half an hour after, the shots rang out from the operahouse*