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12-27-2010, 02:06 PM
Have a cruiser chain FAW. You wont see fighters at all. Any Fed cruiser driver worth their salt ought to have a BO with FAW, maybe not in a seat, but in there somewhere to rotate in if there are carriers. Without the fighters, a carrier is like a fat guy too winded from eating burger king to do anything more than fart on you (unless you're squishy, then you could still have problems...but that's what happens when you're squishy).

I normally only play Klingon in PvP, but took my Fed into a match in her Sovereign, I saw first hand how easy it is to lock down a carrier. The carrier's own damage potential isn't too frightening, so the only real threat is from their science abilities, but those are more debilitating than dangerous. Certainly not debilitating enough to prevent you from keeping up the suppressive fire till your team mates show up. Then just pop it and move on.