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12-27-2010, 05:08 PM
I should have waited an hour to play this, because I played version 1.87 and when I was done playing, 1.88 was up!

So spelling and grammar was pretty rocky, but you said you just fixed that, so no use in me bringing that up.

There were a few objectives that don't have the waypoints turned on, so I'd suggest you activate them. There was one objective in particular I couldn't find. Only took me about 2 minutes to find it, but still.

The fights were all pretty epic, so that was fun. The final fight seemed a bit over the top though, I couldn't manage to pull anyone away without the whole group coming for me. I have Gravity Well II and that took care of all the fighters relatively easy, but the encounter still made me die like 12 times.

The overall feel of the episode was great - it feels like the Section 31 stuff could continue on from here and make a pretty good story arc, but the story is a great standalone.

My one complaint story-wise is that one of my bridge officers briefly mentioned the moral dubiousness of the mission, but that was it. I feel there could be more debate as to whether you do the mission or not.