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12-27-2010, 08:44 PM
Oop it is "Too" The wiki was spelled incorrect lol. I had altered a title " Human, all to human" but it should be "too". I may change the title to "All to Klingon" i have part 1 of the mission finished,(it's amazing how much faster you can flowchart the more you practice). If you play the Fed "Starcrossed" 3 parter this story will have a bigger payoff, especially as an overall story continuation of the Pandora crew, but it is made to purposely stand alone from a Klingon Perspective. No,no Klingons "become" human, the basis of the story is (as will be learned in game) the origin behind why the Pandora was named Pandora in the first place, there has been many stories of writers trying to interpret why Zeus allowed "Hope" to escape the box along WITH all the sins of man, in the version this story was based of, he did it because "Hope prolongs mankind's suffering". The idea is that he wanted not to just "punish" man but to prolong and torture them.