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Little known fact! If discount you buy everything at the 20% discount in the Cstore, it would only cost you $150! Thats awesome! For a game that hasn't even been out a year, you would already have purchased 4 to 5 expansions in other company MMO's? To think, you would only need to spend $150 right now to get the complete game that you deserve! Buy now! All of the costume updates, all of the extra ships, every race that you deserve to have for the Federation able to be created and used. This even includes the ability to be a more flexible captain and have an advantage of other captains. Thats right! Cheat codes! Have extra Bridge officers to train and even, have more of the ships you want!

Its like buying Energy Credits, but, they are coming right from the company! Now you know that it has to be legit! So hurry up! You only have until Jan 3th of 2011 to buy your 5 expansion packs!

Now that that is out of the way.

I really do think that is rather bad that Crypt is taken advantage of those people who have a need for all things Star Trek. I know they did the same for their other MMO, but really, right now, if you want to buy everything for the Federation Side, this would cause you over $150. They should be praised for keeping up with the new content, however, they are using the free to play strategy, with a game, you are already paying.

I would be interested to see how much money they make on these microtransations, and just how much people realize how much extra money they are paying into, virtual goods that can't be transfered. We all know going into an MMORPG, that we will sink time into it, we will get, "phat lewts" or however thats called, and we all know that in the long term, it really means nothing. Our monthly subscriptions (for those of us who do not have the lifer plan) go to supporting the game and keeping it running (no i'm not saying that the lifers subscriptions don't do this too), however, now we are being teased with more content, but, if we want it all, we must pay a lot more than we should.

Now, how upset to you think that those lifer subscription people could be? If I would have bought a lifetime subscription it would have been so I did not have to buy anything else for this game. Now to find out, if I want to be better, then I need to buy extra stuff to perform better. I would be flipping out!

Now, if my research is correct, the other MMO started in September of 2009, and has two expansion packs free of charge. If we take the same information from STO and apply that to the other MMO, would could safely assume, that each expansion pack, could have costed upwards of $75 dollars.

Marketing is marketing, I just wanted to point out that while free, expansion packs seem cheap, we are missing out on some of the details in the game, if we end up not paying for all of these "extras".