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12-27-2010, 10:24 PM
Originally Posted by Zutty View Post
So you want escorts to have more weapons, more hull, and more shields than any other type of ship? Would you like a cherry on top too?

Surely everyone can see that would be totally unbalanced.
I would settle for accurate.

Keep the cherry, I don't much care for those "candied" jar versions anway.

The Defiant Refit isn't like its on camera version (no "battle cloak")
The Galaxy X isn't like its on camera version (no spinal lance, no "battle" cloak)
The standard Galaxy class doesn't have the phased cloak although the BOP is being allowed
a feature also only seen once.
The "Prometheus" isn't like its on camera version (no vector assault mode)

Neither Galaxy class or Escort Refit class ship is anywhere near as capable as the on camera version although this can be said of all Federation ships, in my opinion based on my experience.

All this yet they want to give us more broken ships like the Oberth.

I am not addressing klingon ships as I have no experience from which to form an opinion.

But you say they did it for balance.

So by "balance" it means gimping the Federation faction? Clearly that is what crptic has done.
(I was tempted to put an A in there somewhere)
Neglecting to incorporate features those ships had on camera just so the game is balanced
is total BS. It is no ones fault that the show started and centered around the Federation.
It isn't anyone's blame that the shows primary characters were Starfleet personnel.
It is a natural extension of the preceding truths that Starfleet would have developed advanced technology to counter threats, also shown on camera. I would think crptic (again, I refrained from the use of the A key) has more "artistic ability" with the klingons given they were NOT the center piece on camera. The latest klingon ship is testament to this.

Gimping the Fed side is just crptic BS.


I say the Galaxy X in this game is misisng the spinal lance weapon because the type I TOS era hand phaser they mounted under the saucer section couldn't heat my lunch nevermind rip holes through shielded Klingon battleships, like its on camera version did.