Thread: Escorts shafted
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12-28-2010, 02:18 AM
You have as much familiarity with canon as the OP, to be honest. The spinal lance on screen took three shots to destroy an already damaged battleship.

As for less capable in general, I could go on for a while about the classes you mention, but I'll just focus on one aspect of the Defiant class. On screen the Defiant is shown dominating other small class ships - Birds of Prey and Jem'haddar attack fighters most notably, both ships being smaller than the Defiant. In one to one combat, it's regularly outclassed by mid-sized ships like the Galor class, which itself is shown to stand next to no chance one on one against a Vorcha class cruiser (which also in a couple fights proves more than the Defiant can handle). In most episodes where the Defiant is alone with a ship equal or larger in size, it retreats after it meets its objective, leaving the opposition in better shape than itself. It regularly does this held together by little more than the sheer determination of the writers.