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I have just finished my first mission on the Foundry and just tested it myself. It is currently bug-free but please be free to look for some.
The space combat seems to not be so difficult so maybe play it on an increased difficulty? It might make the ground combat quite challenging however. But don't worry, I have placed four respawn points in my ground map so there won't be those annoying backtracking from your original spawn point all the way back to where you were and getting the 'trying-not-to-get-your-away-team-stuck-behind-every-door-problem' when you die.

Please test it out and tell me what you think Some info:

Title: Slaves or Saviours

You have received a mission from Councilor Adler, a Federation politician. He has taken an interest into the Humanoid Trafficking Taskforce and managed to recruit some ships away from the frontline to assist in ending a slaver-operation.

He seems like a selfless humanitarian but he has an alterior motive.

A mathematician who seems to be the key to an important military contract has been put into slavery as well.

Report to the Celes-system to start your mission.

- Chrepht