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12-28-2010, 09:19 AM
My Defiant R does ok but I have not heard nor had any experience with any configuration I have tried in any ship
I use that enabled me to have a "One Shot Kill" or an "I Win" button like the Klingons have done, time and time again in PvP.
When I look at the PvP end scores, there is always one resounding constant, nearly every Fed player will have been blown up at least once, most likely multiple times (yes, there is the rare occasion where one or two didn't) and yet the Klingon side will have few ships that suffered that fate and many more than never did, not even once. Factor in the "points" and one can see things are not balanced.

Yes, I have heard the arguments that the Klingons have been PvP'ng since day one and that the Feds are disorganized.
While both are very true, the ratio of wins, points and deaths per match is indicative of something else in addition to Fed
disorganization and Klingon PvP superiority.

When a BOP can eliminate a Starcruiser in 4 seconds with what looks like a one shot kill, the game is not so balanced as crptic and the klingon faction want everyone to believe.