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12-28-2010, 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by Elric71 View Post
One thing I would like to ask, though, of some of the people in this thread who have had good luck with their escorts is what do they find to be the best shield to use to help with the reduced hull strength?
LC 2 to Commander 3 - 2 ships with the same setup.
I use purple regen shields along with BO skills Emergency power to shields, reverse shield polarity. It's also good to have the buttons handy to divert power to the shield taking the most beating too. A setup with combat impulse and a turn rate bonus from the engineering station means I can practically turn in my own ship width so it's often that only my front shields take a pounding.

Edit: Incidentally a hard hitter doesn't need to take so much damage. 2 Dual Electro Plasma Cannons on the front eat shields for breakfast, (and don't do the enemy's hull a lot of good either), the torps do the rest.