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12-28-2010, 10:32 AM
Originally Posted by Elric71 View Post
Personally, I have played both an engineer in a cruiser (fed RA/LH and klink CPT) and a Science (VA fed in a sci ship and Klink CMD in a BoP). Both of these I have done well in PvE and PvP. I recently just started a Tactical in an escort (fed LTCM and klink LT) and one thing I've noticed on the fed side is that as long as you stick and move, you have an ok chance to survive and get decent points in PvP. In PvE, it is really not an issue, as PvE is pretty easily survived in space with the simplest of tactics.

One thing I would like to ask, though, of some of the people in this thread who have had good luck with their escorts is what do they find to be the best shield to use to help with the reduced hull strength?

Not trying to hijack, but just curious as I am just starting the Tac's.
The trick I found was to basically say, "Screw shields... if my team is going to heal my shields, I do not need to worry about boosting them... if my team aint going to heal, then no amount of prep is going to keep my escort alive." Instead, I have done everything to make sure my ship makes whatever is in front of it vanish. So far, 1v1, I can get carriers, most cruisers, etc... on the first pass. In real matches and games, with a supporting team, cruisers go pop and I live. In pug I get owned.