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12-28-2010, 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by SP3CTREnyc
are we onto this again? first an argument on canon, now an argument on PvP. do you offer any constructive ideas?

on topic: the only escort we see in ST is the Defiant. The Defiant is considerably smaller than an Intrepid, which was a small ship anyway. That said, the Defiant was nothing more than a plot tool for DS9. It opened up a tremendous amount of doors for them and did so for a number of reasons.

1) The entire crew of DS9 could leave the station. Yay.
2) An overpowered warp core introduced in "The Search" would almost definitely come back to help and hurt the ship
3) The cloaking device provided by the Romulans added another level of politik to the universe
4) As a warship, the writers and producers didn't have to shy away from blowing things up

The Defiant was an "Easy" button. A fragile "Easy" button (destroyed once, disabled many times, hijacked twice) but one that was used for the writers' purposes. Its on-screen capabilities shouldn't be taken seriously.
Maybe I have misunderstood things here, answer one question that will clarify things.

Are you comfortable with a Star Trek game that has less in common with the IP than it
actually shares in common?

If that is the case, then we can not ever see eye to eye because our starting points vary too wildly.
The dichotomy of our expectations and anticipations means that we're looking at this game from opposite ends.

I wanted a game that mirrored the IP as close as possible, as has been done before with non MMO titles.
I am not happy that so many IP metrics are being filtered through crptic's vision over that of the viewer base
(never mind canon).

Everything from uniforms to ships to "diplomacy" have all been dramatically altered from canon into something crptic is passing off as Star Trek. That word, canon, has been used a lot and is often the subject of scorn by fanboys but the meaning is simple. It is the core spirit that made Star Trek what is was, and why many of us watched it week after week, year after year.

TNG aired 2 years after ALIENS was released and was followed by two other series, all of which built on the foundation of what I was hoping this game would continue with. Anyone that thinks crptic achieved this is playing a game that they can fully enjoy, I am not one of those people.