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12-28-2010, 12:14 PM
Originally Posted by Wild-Fox
I came into the game thinking that escorts, cruisers, science vessels would reflect the capabilities of their series counterparts...

The Escort not only got shafted in that respect but also got shafted in the fact that while science and cruiser both have 2 refits to choose from escorts get shoved into the defiant rip off.

If you look at the chart escorts are missing 2 ships from their tree. Where is the advanced heavy escort?
Or the Advanced Escort Refit? Where is my Multi vector assault mode? The Defiant class bites for one main reason when you decloak yeah you get a little bonus defense to make up for the fact that you have no shields. you shields have to recharge from 0 that takes 20 seconds, your defense doesn't last that long. you come out of cloak your a sitting duck waiting for the shotgun.

Thanks STO you took some of the most advanced and tide turning ships in the series the weakest and most useless ships in the game then short changed us on the number of ships to choose from on top of it.
the original post regarded the ineffectiveness of the Escort in STO. He was wrong about numerous things, to include the size of the Defiant and the effectiveness of the Def-R in PvP. While I agree that there is a lack of escort refits in-game, I and many others in this thread didn't feel it was a significant point.

You, however, decided to turn this thread into an argument on canon and are completely unwilling or incapable of understanding that much of the technology in ST was used for plot and not for realistic interpretation of function.

Originally Posted by USSZenica
...If that is the case, then we can not ever see eye to eye because our starting points vary too wildly. The dichotomy of our expectations and anticipations means that we're looking at this game from opposite ends.

I wanted a game that mirrored the IP as close as possible, as has been done before with non MMO titles.
I am not happy that so many IP metrics are being filtered through crptic's vision over that of the viewer base
(never mind canon).

Everything from uniforms to ships to "diplomacy" have all been dramatically altered from canon into something crptic is passing off as Star Trek. That word, canon, has been used a lot and is often the subject of scorn by fanboys but the meaning is simple. It is the core spirit that made Star Trek what is was, and why many of us watched it week after week, year after year.

TNG aired 2 years after ALIENS was released and was followed by two other series, all of which built on the foundation of what I was hoping this game would continue with. Anyone that thinks crptic achieved this is playing a game that they can fully enjoy, I am not one of those people.
You started off well with this post, but you are deflecting away from the point of this thread: the escort class being "shafted." I am not taking your posts personally, but it seems that in posts like these you seek to antagonize the community, particularly when you call people "fanboys."

While both of us may want to see this game improve, I wish it to do so with constructive criticism and a degree of respect shown to other players. I don't appreciate when people hijack a thread where people are discussing whether a ship class has too much or not enough ability and turn it into an accusatory panel where those who think STO got something right are fanboys and those who agree with you are true ST fans.