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Originally Posted by asibar View Post
ehm to our dear cryptic i know you are not whant to do this but give the federation som *God Dam carriers the pvp fights are very much un.balancet with carriers on kilngon side i know they have 4 types of ships that can launch ships and fighter of som sort id say that is very much not good for game play in pvp hey it 30 years after nemeise gota say that federation have gotten som carriers in that time but no no no we dont whant to give federation carriers no no wake up cryptic im begining to see alot of mmo where this type of stuffe happens, it begining to sad to see how the game devopler dont see thous problems,

so this is a wake-up call to cryptic you ever played a pvp fight againsdt som of the players to see how much over power the klingon are on as general classes, all you do is make new stuff not see the bad balance.

with regard and angry player
I think Katic and Thunder Child covered the 'Carrier are op!' well enough, but there are some other parts of your post I'd like to address. First off you say there are 4 ships on the KDF side that can launch "ships and fighter of som sort id say that is very much not good for game play". Why? If KDF had 4 ships that could turn blue with purple stripes on command, would that not be good for game play? Ships being able to do -something- that another side cannot is not automatically bad, the bad part comes if it's unbalancing. And for that I'd like to refer to Katic's post, which covered it well.

Also a minor nitpick, KDF only has 2 Carriers. The other two ships that launch things kinda suck at doing so. The Patrol Cruiser can once ever 3 minutes summon 6 fighters that can be taken down in seconds. And the hull repair platforms from the Gorn ship aren't shielded and so are also likely to be taken down very easily. (And since they hover around KDF ships, you now have an exploding thing close to your hull, and you suffer damage from it. Those hull healing drones very quickly turn to little mines that damage the KDF)

Also, technically, the Federation already has a type of Carrier. According to the people who designed the Akira class it was meant to be an assault vessel/carrier. In the massive star ship battles in DS9 where you see Federation fighters it's my assumption that they were launched from the Akira ships that were also seen in the fleet, though it's never explicitly stated in the shows. However in STO the Akira has had it's Carrier function ignored (either by Cryptic's lack of knowing what it was, or on purpose).

Another note is that fighter craft tend to be destroyed....really...easily. And the Federation is not in the habit of throwing lives away like that. The KDF however has many people from their culture who value close combat, direct fighting. And when they can't find eager warriors, I've no doubt they will start pressing 'volunteers' into server from worlds they hold claim over to further their war efforts. The Federation wouldn't go to the same lengths.