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In the last few days of redoing the STFs for the new Borg Gear, inspite of the Find Team and Find Fleet Tools currently avaiable in STO, it's just pretty worthless in finding players or finding groups to do certain content.

IMHO, the Looking for Players or Looking for Group window needs to specify:

1) Location
2) Rank
3) Faction (Klingon or Federation)
4) Profession
5) Instance (STFs having RA/BG and VA/LG).
6) Shiptype

Essentially it would be a type of visual queing system.

For instance, a Klingon player wanting to do the RA instance of Khitomer, but there is nobody advertising a group in zone chat, so he would open the window and look under Quadra Sigma (Khitomer) and look to see if there is a group looking for more.

He sees a Federation group looking for a Science Player and a player in an Escort and a lone Klingon waiting for people to show up. So the player now has the option to start a group or leave and come back later.

But right now, the current system is greatly lacking and is too inefficient to be of use to players.

Secondly, when it comes to Fleet Invites, a player should have an option to turn this off. Sometimes players just spam these invites without a single word and can be quite annoying when it does happen.