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12-28-2010, 11:48 PM
Originally Posted by Rosvik
If you are going to have extended conversations with an NPC, should you have the first encounter with the NPC be an NPC contact (where the NPC has an "i" over its head and the conversation listed as a mission goal), and then the rest just pop-ups?

It seems that is the most realistic looking, in that you are asked to speak to the NPC just once, and the rest of the conversation occurs automatically. If you make each part of the conversation an interaction with an NPC, then you are asked to speak to the NPC repeatedly, plus each part of the conversation requires a mission goal statement.

I would appreciate any comments / opinions. THanks very much!
What I do in my missions is basically what you have listed first. It is crude, i know, and I would like to see the pop- ups like we saw in the Halloween Featured episode, but at the moment- it is not possible because we do not have those tools provided to us.