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Originally Posted by PrincessKatrina View Post
Also, technically, the Federation already has a type of Carrier. According to the people who designed the Akira class it was meant to be an assault vessel/carrier. In the massive star ship battles in DS9 where you see Federation fighters it's my assumption that they were launched from the Akira ships that were also seen in the fleet, though it's never explicitly stated in the shows. However in STO the Akira has had it's Carrier function ignored (either by Cryptic's lack of knowing what it was, or on purpose). .
In canon, there was never ever a single hint that the Federation has a carrier ship. The only circumstance where a carrier ship could have been involved was the battle at "sacrifice of angels" if i recall correctly, where sisko orders some fighter wings to distract some cardassian cruisers. These fighter wings however could have been easily startet from several Galaxy classes. (sisko even spoke about "galaxy wings" which indicates that there where several galaxy class starships present at that day.)
Apropos Fighter wings, did anyone notice how easily they where destroyed?
So i don't think that a carrier would be very efficient in the Star trek universe, such a vessel must have startet several hundreds of fighters to accomplish something. (Those resources could easyly be used to produce some Defiant class ships, which is sure to do the same job better and everyone has a better chance to come home alive)
So no real need to build a carrier at all.
(Such a ship must have been several time bigger than a galaxy class, so the Akira is disqualified anyway IMHO)

Thank you for reading.