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So after logging just over 1300 hours gameplay Ive decided my next character was gonna be for fun and to once again enjoy the storyline so I decided to roll it old school and went with the TOS connie and an TOS crew all decked out in TOS gear. So ive just completed night of the comet 10 times (to get the TOS phaser/rifles for all of my crew) and it got me thinking. What happens when I go up a rank ? please please cryptic can we have a retro fit TOS connie and bridge please ? I want to be able to carry on playing TOS style from start to finish. Im sure im not the only person who would purchase a TOS refit with bridge. Also now mission replays are out it makes it difficult as with the TOS connie/NX01 Enterprise and runabout there are no bridges for these ships.

Keep up the good work