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12-29-2010, 04:55 AM
I have a Federation shuttle in one of my missions... My BO has a pop-up saying "special-ops team standing by in shuttlebay 2" and an "on my way" response to a map change to the surface with shuttle behind me... mission complete - return to shuttle and interact.. Pop-up says.. "emergency recovery system activated... standing by sir"

You need to use creative dialogue to do things that we cannot actually Show Happening... This is an old Star Trek techno-babble trick to keep the costs of sets and effects way down by just using dialogue to convince the audience of something...

For Example... Did We ever see a Gorn Ship in TOS? Yet we believed that an entire space-fairing, militant lizard race existed, attacked a settlement from up in the hills and had tremendous strength... just from one guy in a rubber suit and some leading dialogue and flashpots...

Just because we cannot actually show something is not a good reason to not make players think it IS Happening... You just have to think outside the box... Dialogue can work miracles... TOS never showed a Shuttle Landing... only a launch and recovery standard cut scene..