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12-29-2010, 06:43 AM
Originally Posted by Tinead
:p I see my sarcasm has been lost in the void,it provides the same outcome as the STF's,namely it's part of the game.Clicking top right on the mini-game cancels it,so you dont have to play it at all.

How I wish you could do the same with STF's

Oh sorry,in reply to your question,it entertains,now that doesn't seem to include you,but thats your perogative...... me,well it's part of STO and I do find it entertaining. ( The crafted sets are useful and sell for a pretty penny in the exchange,it's a win win situation as far as I can see )
Oh, no, I got the sarcasm. It produced neither entertainment nor enlightenment.

The current scanner mini-game has not always been a part of STO. It is a relatively recent addition. I happen to find it a waste of time, and as such react negatively to people making the suggestion of making it more difficult or more involved. It is their privilege to suggest "improvements", it is my privilege to suggest they either leave it as is or flat out remove it.

Or, put another way: Making the mini-game more difficult or move involved will reduce the amount of fun I have with the game. (Even if only by a small amount.) Something that will reduce my fun is seen, by me, as a bad thing.

Now! If you can show me a benefit, where it will objectively\universally improve the game and\or improve my fun? I'll support it. The suggestions being provided in this thread? No joy.