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12-29-2010, 07:00 AM
Originally Posted by Galactrix View Post
This is a well known issue. ATI card users experience crashes when the Dynamic Lighting setting is turned on. I have this issue and an ATI HD 5xxx series card. This thread even got a response from SuperCrypticDave in it but then nothing for months since.

This thread shows it's still a current issue, even with the latest AMD drivers:

When people were testing the DirectX11 mode that was turned on early on Tribble when Season 3 first appeared, they reported that they got slightly better times before crashing - but they still crashed.

Most threads are about the crashes being inevitable if you play Starbase 24 - as a means of inducing a crash. I get the same thing when playing any Devidian mission - the special effects used by the Devidians turning everything blue, wavy and throwing flashing lights everywhere causes 100% crashing every time.

So I can't fathom why Cryptic or AMD haven't been able to reproduce this when you get multiple players saying the same thing and telling you how it happens. I have sent many error reports in too, even minidumps using the Cryptic Error tool.

One thing I've noticed though is that sometimes the Cryptic Error tool does not show up when this ATI crash occurs. E.g. I'm fighting Devidians and then suddenly I get a Windows error box appear and says "GameClient.exe has stopped working" and the game closes, without doing an error collection. So it's the game client crashing and not the graphics driver in those cases! So is the fault with AMD/ATI? Or the game?
OH MY FLIPPIN GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that could be what is causing my ground crashes on my 4850.

I have gone through many a troubleshooter ticket, and got told to turn everything to default. when that failed, i dropped it below default manually, and voila.

I wanted tot est exactly what was causing it, but I ran out of patience.

My only problem now is that my settings are locked on tribble. I have very little access to grapichs settings