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12-29-2010, 07:12 AM
Originally Posted by Jas-
I am not trying to bash Cryptic or their efforts. I think they are well-intentioned and most of their work is good. Having said that, I do think they should go back and retry this one by giving more of the outfits Troi wore as options with it and possibly some hair accessories and/or hair styles. Maybe the hair stuff needs new tech or whatever, and will have to wait (not certain on that).

At least for now, we could be given a few more of the outfits Troi wore throughout the series and perhaps in the films to make the purchase price more worth what you are given for it.

I do appreciate their efforts so far with this, but this is one of those things that the community is clearly asking for more on and expects more from Cryptic on. I think they will listen to us. I have faith in them since clearly the vast majority of the people who have posted have expressed that they expect more from this purchase than was given originally.
Just checking Jas on that Faith you said you had in Cryptic to listen to our concerns over the appearance of this outfit and make the changes that close to 200 people (over two seperate threads) have now asked for?

Seems to me other then the one reply, which just defended the sale of the item as a pack, the mods didn't even read the over 100 posts that came after it regarding the real issue of the outfit just looking horrible.

Was your faith and the faith of others given in vain?